Hickory NC Apartment-Friendly Hobbies To Help You De-Stress

Life is full of stressors, and can therefore be quite stressful. You don’t have to be a CEO (or a parent of five children) to be sufficiently stressed out either. We’ve got romantic, financial, familial, social, professional, and even spiritual aspects of life — and any one of them can blow up in our faces without a moment’s notice — perhaps leading to unpleasant anxiety and stress.

To be clear, we aren’t psychologists here at The Legends Luxury Apartments in Hickory, NC. We are merely hosts to the most prestigious apartment community in the Hickory area. Still, we like to use this column, blog space, or whatever you’d like to call it to provide value to our readers, whether you happen to be considering life at The Legends Apartments of Hickory or simply found our website by chance!

We hope it’s the former rather than the latter, as we are quite fond of showcasing our Hickory apartments that combine award-winning prestige with luxury and elegance in a way you won’t be able to find elsewhere in Hickory. We have been voted the BEST apartment community in the Hickory, NC area, by the Hickory Daily Record, in both 2012 and in 2016 (it seems like we are due for another award pretty soon, doesn’t it!?). We are confident that folks who are looking for style and elegance in a 1, 2, or 3 bedroom suite will be pleased with our fireplaces, crown molding, vaulted ceilings, and a host of upscale amenities that we offer here at our Hickory luxury apartments. If you are interested in a live tour of our apartment community, don’t hesitate to schedule one at your convenience!

Relaxing Hobbies That Are Apartment Friendly

Now that we’ve said our piece regarding what our Hickory apartment complex has to offer, we’d like to transition to what we promised to address in this post’s title — offering up some apartment-friendly hobbies that will help you de-stress. Again, we aren’t therapists or anything of the sort, so excuse the pop psychology this post is arguably littered with. Ultimately, we’d like our residents (and readers in general) to be their best possible selves, and obviously appropriate self-care is a significant part of that equation. Given our endlessly busy lifestyles and a palatable lack of time to decompress while simply sitting with ourselves these days, we thought it might be helpful to offer up a few ideas to help take you away from Instagram, Twitter, and whatever other time-sucks that might be polluting your ability to be your ideal self!



There are two hemispheres of the brain — a fact that we are sure many of our readers already know. You might also know that, roughly put, the right brain involves emotions while functioning conceptually while the left brain is more linear in its operations. There are a few different studies, such as “The MacArthur Study,” which recommend that folks who perform jigsaw puzzles (along with crossword puzzles and being fully active) were more likely to have a longer lifespan, and less likely to get Alzheimer’s or experience dementia or memory loss.

Most of our residents at The Legends aren’t in their retirement years, so that first point is perhaps more interesting than practical at this point. But consider this one: doing puzzles and focusing on similar images for long periods of time might be a kind of meditation. They lead to a distinct calmness and peace of mind because the mind is focused on one thing — the image in front of you. This will naturally exclude everything else around you, allowing you to achieve tranquility without disturbance. Unless you abhor puzzles for some reason, we’d even go so far as to recommend setting up your break room with a puzzle so you can clear your head from time to time at work! Short breaks can go a long way.

Doing a puzzle now and then can lower our heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure as well, so there are physical benefits to speak of alongside cognitive and emotional/spiritual factors. Beyond that, doing puzzles helps our creativity and our concentration, making us sharper and more alert in a general sense. As you can tell, there’s a lot to be said for turning the TV off, putting your phone in another room, and taking some time (with or without a significant other or friend) to work on a good old-fashioned jigsaw puzzle!


Painting is an activity you can do just as easily outdoors in the countryside or in your Hickory apartment at The Legends. Even if you can merely draw stick figures, and perhaps you find yourself struggling with those, there are more than enough videos you can find online to help you with the basics so you can enjoy yourself while painting. You don’t need to be Van Gogh over here, just draw or paint something that you don’t hate looking at while challenging yourself with some simple designs at the same time.

But why paint in the first place? Well, there are more than a couple of reasons. Cultivating your creative side is one, while the cognitive benefit of improving memory is another. Beyond that, painting helps you foster an optimistic attitude while building problem-solving and motor skills at the same time!

Painting is a major stress-reliever as well, a point that pertains to this blog more than the other benefits. Painting, along with a plethora of other artistic endeavors leads to stress relief, letting you take your mind off whatever might be vexing you in favor of tapping into some major self-worth reserves. Having a lower stress level leads to a healthier, happier state of mind and lifestyle. This helps improve overall mental health.

Listening To Music

Many of our residents at The Legends work in Atlanta, which means they spend a hefty chunk of the day commuting. Often, they drive themselves. Being in the car, often stuck in heavy traffic, can be fairly stress-inducing over time. It might sound overly simplistic, but listening to your favorite music (not just whatever your music app decides is your favorite music) can actually take away much of the tension you experience during your commute. Consider playing some songs you haven’t listened to for a long time as well. This can remind you of your past and all the experiences and memories you associate with a particular song or album.

Clearly, listening to music you love can improve your mood right off the bat, but there are more benefits than just that! Studies show that music with a strong beat can lead to brain waves resonating in sync with a given beat. When the beat is fast, it promotes increased concentration and alertness, while slower beats lend themselves to a more calming, meditative state of mind. Consider listening to slower music at the end of the day if you are interested in de-stressing!

Beyond that, listening to music has been studied for its propensity to help lower blood pressure, slow breathing, slow heart rate, activate the relaxation response, and even induce a more positive state of mind — something which helps stave off anxiety and depression. What’s more, you don’t have to be “active” when you listen to music, like you need to be when painting or doing a puzzle. Sure, the former two activities aren’t exactly running a marathon, but there is something to be said about putting on your favorite Joni Mitchell album and letting the old girl take you to a much better state of mind.

Consider The Legends!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed part one of this two-part series about some practical activities you can employ to help you de-stress after (or during) a busy day. Remember, living in a serene, beautiful apartment complex can go a long way toward improving your satisfaction with daily life. So if you are looking for apartments for rent in Hickory, we recommend you consider The Legends. Schedule your tour today!

Things To Do In Hickory – Apartments Near Hickory NC

Welcome to the final piece of this series highlighting some fun things to do in and around Hickory, NC. We at The Legends Apartments of Hickory are big fans of people moving to our lovely community just northwest of Charlotte, seeing as how we operate a luxury apartment complex that’s just a short drive from both downtown Hickory and the freeway. Though we clearly have a horse in this race, making us a biased party with no mistake, we’ll admit that there is plenty to like about the prospect of moving to Hickory, irrespective of if you choose to move into the most prestigious apartment complex in the city or not!

Apartments Near Hickory

Speaking of luxury apartments near Hickory, NC, we can’t manage to go an entire blog post without describing some of our favorite aspects of life at The Legends. Whether you are looking for two bedroom apartments, 3 bedroom apartments, or are flying solo, we believe there is one place for rent in Hickory that sets itself apart from the rest.

With spacious bedroom suites, vaulted ceilings, crown molding, oversized patios and balconies, fireplaces in select apartment homes, and spectacular views to go along with our pristine landscaping, most residents are perfectly content spending the vast majority of their first few months at The Legends in the comfort of their home.

We are telling you, they are classy. They are luxurious. They are pristine. Take a virtual tour right here to see our units for yourself!

In terms of community amenities, we offer a state-of-the-art fitness center, two tennis courts, two resort-style pools with sundecks, a business center, two car-care centers, gas grills, garages, on-site laundry, a basketball court, a volleyball court, a pet-welcoming environment, and a cherry on top! If in-person tours are more your style, don’t hesitate to contact us in order to schedule a tour at your convenience.

Hickory Activities And Community Information

In our last post, we may have gotten slightly carried away describing the many benefits of living at The Legends, to the extent that we weren’t able to fully describe what our region has to offer. We don’t want to make the same mistake twice, so, without further ado, read on if you are interested in finding out what makes Hickory one of the top places to live, according to Readers Digest!

The Hunger Games Was Filmed In Hickory

While Hickory is known as an up-and-coming city for young professionals and families alike, there’s a decent chance we might be seeing a borderline weird amount of The Hunger Games fanatics call Hickory home. Why? The blockbuster fantasy series The Hunger Games was filmed right here in Hickory. In fact, a decent number of Hickory residents were asked to be extras, or even actors in some cases, albeit in background roles. Some of the set pieces are still erect and able to be observed by fans who come from all over. So if you identify as being obsessed with The Hunger Games, Hickory just might be the North Carolina city for you.

A Massive Movie Theater

Those who were lucky enough to find themselves chosen to play extras in the movie series were likely pleased to find out that the very first film to be shown by Carmike’s BigD screen was in fact The Hunger Games itself! Carmike 15 BigD happens to be one of the biggest movie theaters in the entire state of North Carolina, with close to 600 high-back rocking luxury seats to boot. As you can probably already tell, we’ve been accused of being luxury-enthusiasts here at The Legends Apartments, so we are particularly fond of the seats, 70 speakers, and pure, digital projection. What’s more, there are only 30 cities in the entire nation with a BigD screen, and we’ve got one of them in Hickory!

Lenoir-Rhyne University

The Hickory-based Lenoir-Rhyne University is an esteemed liberal arts school that opened all the way back in 1891. The one-room school, which at the time was called Highland Academy, opened its doors to a whopping 12 students! Fast-forward to the present day, and you’ll find that the University with a rich tradition prides itself as a community of learning which seeks to educate the “wholeness of personality, true vocation, and the most useful service to God and the world,” as told on their dedicated site. For prospective students of Lenoir-Rhyne University, keep in mind that The Legends Apartments are just a ten-minute drive from the university. If you are looking for a little distance from campus that involves elegant living, we believe our Hickory luxury apartments for rent are worth considering.

A Blossoming Corporate Scene

The greater Hickory area plays host to some headquarters and corporate facilities for some notable organizations. From Google to Apple to Bed, Bath & Beyond, many folks who work at companies like these call The Legends their home. We are just a short drive away from the freeway (and downtown Hickory), so it’s an attractive place to call home no matter which way you cut it!

Additionally, Transportation Insight, an organization with an expertise in logistics, chose to make Hickory the site of its headquarters in 2014. Their reasons for doing so? The recent rejuvenation that our downtown has experienced. Quality of life matters to employees, and Transportation Insight was wise enough to factor in that variable, which led them to make a great decision in our humble opinion!

Beer Festivals In Hickory

Speaking of downtown Hickory, locals get to enjoy two beer festivals each year — Oktoberfest, a three-day outdoor festival with live music, carnival-style rides and games, along with craft vendors, and the Hickory Hops Brewer’s Festival, which boasts more than 50 microbreweries and their accompanying selections! Oktoberfest is great for the whole family, while we’ve heard of microbrewery aficionados traveling a fair distance to attend the Hickory Hops Brewer’s Festival! Whichever you prefer, both help make Hickory a great place to visit and an even better place to make home.

If you are looking for apartments near Hickory, NC, there’s one place that combines luxury with value. Schedule your tour at The Legends today.  

Luxury Apartments Near Me – Things To Do In Hickory, NC

In our last post, Why Live In Hickory, NC? – Hickory Apartments For Rent, we took the time to share with our readers some of the most attractive offerings Hickory, NC has to, well, offer. We highlighted the Hickory Museum of Art along with the many things to do at Kiwanis Park, without forgetting the exciting fact that the National Geographic Traveler has named Hickory among the “Best Small Cities In The U.S.”

To be honest, we here at The Legends Apartments didn’t get our fill of talking about the many things to do in Hickory, NC. In fact, we are just scratching the surface of what our vibrant community has to offer, both within the city limits and in the surrounding countryside. But don’t worry, everything that we’ll be shining the proverbial spotlight on will be well within driving distance for folks living in our Hickory luxury apartments (or really, anywhere around the city).

But before we get to talking about one of the top All-American cities in the country (remember, we’ve got the National Geographic Traveler’s ranking to back that claim up!), allow us a brief word or two about what we have to offer here at The Legends of Hickory, NC. We want folks who are thinking about moving to our lovely community to know what the region has to offer, to be sure, but we also would be remiss if we failed to mention the many virtues of our Hickory apartments for rent!

Welcome To The Legends

Welcome to the most prestigious apartment community in the entire Hickory region. Found in southeast Hickory, just a short drive from the freeway, The Legends are a Hickory luxury apartment complex that offers modern, comfortable living arrangements for folks looking for high-end amenities and features at a reasonable price. With 9-foot vaulted ceilings, oversized patios and balconies, granite counters, tennis courts, two pools, a fitness center, and much more, there is a lot to like about living in our award-winning Hickory apartments for rent.  

Apartment Features

In terms of elegance and style, we are confident you will be pleased with what you find. Whether you are interested in a one, two, or three-bedroom apartment home, you’ll find that each residence boasts spacious rooms, gourmet kitchens, ceilings with crown moldings, along with all major appliances with full-size washer and dryer connections included for your convenience. Apartment features include:

  • Spacious 1, 2, & 3 Bedroom Suites
  • 9-foot, Vaulted Ceilings
  • Crown Molding*
  • Large Patios & Balconies
  • Oversized Closets
  • Spectacular Views & Landscaping
  • Air Conditioning
  • Fireplaces*
  • Washer & Dryer Connections in Unit
  • Cable/Internet Ready
  • Fully-equipped Kitchen with Dishwasher, Garbage Disposal, Stove & Refrigerator
  • * in some units

Community Amenities

In terms of the apartment community, there perhaps is as much to like about activities to do on the premises as there is about the stylish comfort of our apartment units. And while we certainly don’t intend to dissuade anyone from going out and experiencing all that the Hickory and greater North Carolina region has to offer, you might find that all you could ever need to have a relaxing yet activity-filled weekend can be found with The Legends and our wealth of community amenities. Find our list below:

  • Two resort-style swimming pools with sun decks
  • State-of-the-art fitness center
  • Two tennis courts
  • Basketball court
  • Volleyball court
  • Business center with Wi-Fi access
  • Theater room with surround sound
  • Two car care centers
  • Gas grills
  • Storage spaces and parking spaces
  • Garages
  • On-site laundry
  • Wheelchair access
  • Pets welcome
  • Package acceptance

Virtual Tour

If you are interested in taking a virtual tour of our one, two, and three-bedroom luxury apartments in Hickory, we’ve got you covered. Visualize yourself enjoying your evenings on your own private patio, or perhaps wasting the day away down at the resort-style swimming pool(s). Go on, you know you want to. Or, if you are ready for an in-person tour of these “luxury apartments near me,” as you might be apt to type into your smartphone, feel free to schedule a tour at your convenience! We’d love to have you stop by so we can better acquaint you with The Legends.  

Hickory Activities

If you were in doubt about us ever getting to the part of the post where we talk about what we said we would in the title, doubt no more, for we have arrived. Below you will find a few things we love about Hickory and the surrounding area.

At the risk of singing our own praises a bit too much, we’d be remiss if we failed to mention the fact that Readers Digest has recently named Hickory the 10th best place to live in the entire country! Taking such an accolade into account, we hope you’ll find the below features to be convincing enough for you to call Hickory your home one day soon!

Hickory’s Rich History

Did you know that Hickory had the most cases of polio in the entire state of North Carolina? In what’s known locally as the Miracle of Hickory, there over 57,000 cases of polio in 1952 alone. The viral disease’s outbreak was so severe that many local shops and business were forced to close up shop in an effort to stifle the spreading of the epidemic (such was the mystery surrounding polio and its causes at the time). The sheer weight of the number of polio cases that the city was forced to construct a new hospital to care for the over-abundance of patients with polio.

If you are sitting there reading this blog post, wondering to yourself what a severe polio outbreak in the 40s and 50s has to do with convincing you to move to Hickory, we would call your criticism valid. However, we aren’t quite done with the story yet, in our defense.

The beautiful side of this story is that the majority of the funding which provided the ability to construct the new hospital was a direct result of volunteer efforts made by the community. The March of Dimes raised over $500,000 (just over $7 million in today’s terms when accounting for inflation) for the hospital and its doctors. Though there was a significant amount of controversy when it came to treatment methods and other aspects of the ordeal, it nevertheless was a defining moment in the history of Hickory, NC. To see a community rally around those in need is a beautiful thing, so we felt inclined to highlight this interesting, if not arbitrary piece of Hickory history.

Preservation Of History

The above story points to a principle that you’ll find repeated in other aspects of Hickory and its past; the city does an exceptional job in preserving its history. For instance, two historical houses, the Harper House and the Lyerly House, have been maintained by the Historical Association of Catawba County. Both houses do well to exemplify what traditional Hickory life was like back in the late 1800s. You can find out more about the Harper House, Lyerly House, and the Hickory History Center by clicking on the linked resource.

A Professional Baseball Team!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, the Hickory Crawdads are a pro baseball team found right in Hickory’s backyard. Designated as a Class A Minor League Baseball team, going to a game gives you the chance to see some of the Texas Ranger’s top prospects (the Crawdad’s parent club) coming through the ranks in addition to simply enjoying the atmosphere of a pro baseball game. You can catch them at L.P. Frans Stadium, which opened in 1993 and seats just north of 5,000 fans. Be sure to catch a game this summer, and be sure to avoid getting pinched by Conrad or Candy the Crawdads!

Should we be calling Candy a “crawmom?” We aren’t sure. Either way, it’s nice to have some pro sports in our mid-sized city so you can catch a game without driving all the way to Charlotte!

Look Out For Part Two

We might have gotten a bit too wrapped up in describing the many features of our Hickory luxury apartments for rent, we’ll admit it. So, why don’t we continue with this topic by adding a part two? We’ll talk about beer festivals, a bustling nightlife scene, and the abundance of major corporate headquarters that have been popping up within driving distance of Hickory in the next post.

In the meantime, we hope you come visit us at The Legends Apartments in Hickory soon! Once you do, we are confident that your search for a “luxury apartment near me” will have come to an end. Contact us today.

Why Live In Hickory, NC? – Hickory Apartments For Rent

There’s a lot to like about living in Hickory, NC. The city, which is located in Catawba County, North Carolina, is home to a shade over 40,000 people who find themselves pleasantly nestled between Charlotte (to the southeast) and Cherokee National Forest (to the Northwest). Asheville, Spartanburg, Greenville, Greensboro, and Winston-Salem are all close by as well, making Hickory a perfectly placed mid-sized city for folks looking to live in a quaint yet bustling community.

While we might be slightly biased here at The Legends Apartments, we are comfortable with making the claim that you’d be hard-pressed to find a better mid-size community in central North Carolina. Don’t believe us? That’s fine — allow us to make our case as to why you should start looking for Hickory apartments for rent as soon as possible! Today’s post is dedicated to sharing some of the best aspects of living in Hickory, NC, so read on if you are in the mood to be persuaded, because we are in a convincing mood!

National Geographic Traveler Names The Best Small Cities In The U.S.

Let’s start off with a bang. As of January 2018, National Geographic Travel, which is known as the world’s most popular travel magazine, included Hickory on its list of 29 “Cities on the Rise,” due to its unique set of metrics and the magazine writer’s subjective choice. Of the “unique set of metrics,” in case you are interested, factors like green spaces, coffee shops, live music, “Instagrammable” moments, and other distinctive categories were taken into account. Among these categories are ten key superlatives which influence both visitors and residents of a city like Hickory. Those factors are listed below:

  • Most caffeinated (an abundance of coffee shops)
  • Most Instagrammed (counting hashtags)
  • Musically grooviest
  • Greenest parks
  • Most hipster-friendly (taking into account vintage stores, record shops, tattoo parlors, coffee shops)
  • Sudsiest (most breweries)
  • Best groomed (hair salons, cosmetic dentists, barber shops)
  • Most artsy (art schools, art galleries, art supply stores)
  • Musically grooviest (music venues, instrument stores, live music opportunities)
  • Meatiest (steakhouses, delis, butchers)
  • Most dog-friendly (pet sitting, pet stores, pet groomers, dog-friendly restaurants)

While we aren’t going to blow smoke and say that Hickory took home the first-place prize in every single category, we were able to walk away with being the most “hipster-friendly” small city in America. This is what the widely-read travel magazine had to say about Hickory, North Carolina:

A thriving 20th century manufacturing hub for furniture and textiles, Hickory now finds itself heading our list for its hipster-friendly offerings, from tattoo parlors to vintage clothing boutiques.  Craft-beer enthusiasts gather at the popular annual Hickory Hops festival featuring more than 50 microbreweries and live music.

Downtown Hickory Farmers Market

While we are talking about the best aspects of living in a small to mid-sized community, a seasonal farmer’s market is likely pretty high on most people’s list. Found in Union Square, Hickory Farmers Market is open from April 21st until November 24th! We love the opportunity to get in touch with others in our community, especially with those who support our livelihood whom we typically might take for granted. The opportunity to shake your farmer’s hand, task local chef’s unique creations, and maybe do a little jig to the live music while you are at it is one that most people can’t seem to pass up. Maybe that’s why they’ve decided to call Hickory their home! As their dedicated website states, “We promise the glory of a good harvest, select meats, NC coastal seafood, rice, honey, eggs, cheeses, baked goods, marinades, preserves & pickles, fresh cut flowers, transplants, potted plants, shrubs, fresh & dried herbs, heritage & artisan crafts, street foods and more—see? “more!” You have to come to get the meaning of “more.” It’s a soulful feeling and sense of belonging. Get greedy for more. Welcome!” We couldn’t agree anymore!

Olde Hickory Tap Room

As a rule of thumb, you know something is both old and classy when they spell the word “old” with an extra “e.” At least, that’s our opinion on the matter. Like a fine wine, the Olde Hickory Tap Room has aged fantastically well. Open seven-days-a-week, 365-days a year, the Olde Hickory Tap Room offers food, beer, wine, spirits, live music, and is just a couple of blocks away from The Olde Hickory Brewery, our local micro-brewery! If you are a fan of great music, libations, fun people, and delectable food, add visiting the Olde Hickory Tap Room to your list of “must-see Hickory activities.” Hey, that ended up rhyming!

Kiwanis Park

Though there are numerous parks and forests to visit that are just a short drive away, we wanted to highlight Kiwanis Park for its versatility of activities that it presents. Featuring two picnic shelters with grills, a tennis court, basketball court, four baseball fields, horseshoe pits, two playgrounds, a walking trail, and the Zahra Baker All Children’s Playground (including a splash pad!). There’s plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy, whether you want to read a good book in the sunshine or play tennis and basketball on the same day!

With a 4.7 review rating on Google, it’s safe to say that Kiwanis Park is a local gem. Local Guide Victoria Hillman had this to say about this Hickory attraction just a couple of weeks ago in her five-star review: “Omg my kids truly enjoyed the splash pad and its big bucket and the park with the big slide we had a fun filled day…Oh it’s such a nice park people were very friendly.” We agree with your assessment, Victoria!

Hickory Museum Of Art

We could talk about the virtues of living in Hickory until we were blue in the face, if you haven’t been able to decipher that fact quite yet. However, for the purposes of letting our readers move on with their day and get to finding a Hickory apartment for rent (more on that later), we’ll have to limit our Hickory highlighting to one more venue — the Hickory Museum of Art.

Located in the same building as the Catawba Science Center on the SALT Block, visitors can witness Southern folk art and a variety of American art exhibits when they come to the Hickory Museum of Art. One of our favorite aspects of this museum is that the entire third floor is dedicated to Southern self-taught artists, capturing contemporary folk art which deals with themes that include memories, nature, collecting, believes, and others. Current exhibitions include the One Man Group Show: The Cartoon and Other Art of Matthew Diffee, Embracing A New Form: Paul Whitener’s Later Works, and the Catawba Valley Camera Club: 2017 Year-End Award Winners. There is more, but we must digress. So go and see the exhibitions for yourself! You won’t regret it.

Apartments For Rent In Hickory NC

Perhaps you’ve been searching for apartments near Hickory, NC, and you haven’t been in need of convincing with regards to calling Hickory your new home. Still, you can easily live in a beautiful city, but still be generally discontented because of a poor living situation. We at The Legends Apartments hear about it all the time, with many of us having experienced a bad landlord or a shady neighborhood or two in the past.

No matter what kind of frustrating living arrangement you may have recently had, we have a good feeling that our luxury apartments in Hickory can be just the tonic you need. We are a pet-friendly apartment, with a wide range of amenities and features to offer our residents. We genuinely take care of those who choose to call our Hickory apartment complex home, as we take pride in all that we do. Just a short drive from downtown and quite close to the freeway, there is plenty to like about living in Hickory…especially when you call The Legends home. Learn more about the most prestigious apartment community in the Hickory area. We’d love to have you come visit, so schedule a tour today.

For Rent Hickory NC – What Folks Are Saying About The Legends Apartments

It’s safe to say that the way our society finds services, products, and really, does business has significantly changed with the new dawn of the internet and social media. People hardly do anything these days without checking urbanspoon, Facebook, Google, Yelp, or some form of social media review site in order to double check their original choice.

At The Legends Apartments in Hickory, NC, we are fully aware of the need to be present in these channels, specifically for the right reasons. The best way to do that, in our opinion, is to be so good at what we do that people have wonderful things to say about us naturally.

While it’s more natural for people who have had a negative experience to leave reviews than people who are generally satisfied with the exchange of tender for services, we value folks who take time out of their day to let others who are hunting for “luxury apartments near me,” or “for rent Hickory NC” to find what they are looking for. It speaks to our commitment of providing upscale apartments, top-quality amenities and services for anyone living under our roof.

That’s why we are excited to share with our readers what our current residents are saying about living at The Legends Apartments!


The Legends Apartments Reviews

“I’ve been living here since my job transferred me to Hickory 2 years ago. For being a single individual from out-of-state, I feel safe here. It is convenient to everything and you don’t have to drive far thus the higher rent. Not a lot of leasing offices that I know of stays open 7 days a week. I don’t even go to the office that often and they know me by name! I always feel welcome and maintenance is great also. Considering how big this apartment complex is, they do a good job of always fixing my issues. I don’t really use the amenities so I can’t say much about that, but the convenience is great.” – Apartment Ratings, Five Stars, Resident 2016-2018

We really like this review because it touches an a few different important points. The Legends are of course secure, but we also want to make sure our residents feel at home. We make a point to be available seven days a week, and despite the fact that we can get busy, we’ll do our very best to get any maintenance issue resolved as soon as we can.

We enjoyed our 15 months at The Legends. The staff was always very professional and helpful. Maintenance staff was great always fixing any issue in a timely manner. Landscaping needs updating. Overall, our first floor apartment was just what we needed at this point in our lives. I highly recommend The Legends.” Apartment Ratings, Five Stars, Resident 2015-2017

Just to show we aren’t trying to frame these reviews as being 100 percent positive, here is one that was written by a past resident with a measure of criticism involved. We make a point to update our landscaping whenever possible, and we believe that if this resident were to return and see their old residence right now they’d be pleased with what they found! We appreciate the sentiments about the staff and maintenance, as well, which supports the first review quite well!

“I needed a place to live after a job transfer. I came and toured at The Legends and fell in love with the place. Tons of great amenities and from what I have experienced great staff and maintenance.” Apartment Ratings, Current Resident

This gets to the heart of the matter, right here. The grounds, community amenities, and unit features are all upscale and stylish. From the crown molding and vaulted ceilings to the pool, fitness center, and media center/movie theater, there is a lot to like about our Hickory apartments for rent.

“I just moved out after living here for 4 years, the staff was friendly and helpful. Maintenance was hasty and friendly as well. I would recommend living here to anyone. Like any other apartment during the summer, the pool can get a little crowded but never obnoxiously. I loved my time here!” Apartment Ratings, Five Stars, Resident 2012-2016

Yes, the pool can get a bit busy in the summer, to be sure, but it’s the best to way to beat the heat! Likewise, if you are moving into the complex soon, coming down to the pool during a hot day is a great way to meet some of your neighbors! Okay, we’ll stop sounding so much like a parent trying to set up a playdate. You get our point! Keep in mind we also have tennis courts, basketball courts, and a volleyball court on our premises.

“Moved here last year and I enjoy my apartment. Never had to complain about anything yet. I’ve had family and friends visit me and they always compliment on how nice the complex is. Plus, it’s close to everything!” – Apartment Ratings, Five Stars, Resident 2015-2016

Schedule Your Tour Today

The final testimonial we’d like to highlight is the one above. The Legends Apartments are close to everything, it’s true! Just minutes away from I-40 and downtown Hickory, it’s a wonderful place to live whether you are commuting or working in town. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can see rooms and the premises for yourself with our photo gallery, and you can take a virtual tour right here! If you are ready to come in and see us in person, schedule your tour today!

The Legends – Luxury Apartments For Rent In Hickory, NC

If you take a quick glance at our website, you’ll see headlines that include statements like “welcome to The Legends,” and “Welcome to Luxury.” Just below that, you’ll see us welcome visitors to the most prestigious apartment community in the Hickory area.

In this post and in future ones, you’ll hear us throw these words around a fair bit. Luxury. Prestige. Award-winning. At the risk of singing our own praises a touch too much, we want folks looking for Hickory apartments for rent to know that The Legends Apartments, found in southeast Hickory only minutes away from I-40 and downtown Hickory, is as elegant as it is convenient. In today’s opening post, we’d like to explain what we have to offer folks searching for Hickory apartments. Whether you are looking for Hickory 3 BR apartments, Hickory 2 BR apartments, or are simply searching for available apartments nearby without much else of a plan, keep reading to learn what The Legends Apartments have to offer!

Luxurious Amenities And Features

The most prestigious apartment community in all of Hickory, NC has a lot to like regarding apartment features and community amenities. We offer one, two, or three bedroom apartment homes. Each modern abode features a spacious interior complete with walk-in closets and storage space, without forgetting upper-end major appliances with full-size dryer and washer connections. With 9-foot vaulted ceilings, gourmet kitchens, and crown moldings, we are proud of what we have to offer our residents. How many places in Hickory offer plenty of storage space along with walk-in closets in an apartment?

Apartment Features

  • Spacious 1, 2, & 3 Bedroom Suites
  • 9-foot, Vaulted Ceilings
  • Crown Molding*
  • Large Patios & Balconies
  • Oversized Closets
  • Spectacular Views & Landscaping
  • Air Conditioning
  • Fireplaces*
  • Washer & Dryer Connections in Unit
  • Cable/Internet Ready
  • Fully-equipped Kitchen with Dishwasher, Garbage Disposal, Stove & Refrigerator

* in some units

Community Amenities

  • Two resort-style swimming pools with sundecks
  • State-of-the-art fitness center
  • Two tennis courts
  • Basketball court
  • Volleyball court
  • Business center with Wi-Fi access
  • Theater room with surround sound
  • Two car care centers
  • Gas grills
  • Storage spaces and parking spaces
  • Garages
  • On-site laundry
  • Wheelchair access
  • Pets welcome
  • Package acceptance

From the fireplaces and crown molding found in select units to the basketball and tennis courts available for all, we’ve got you covered here at The Legends Apartments. Add in a classy theater room, gas grills to have your friends over, a complimentary fitness center to help you stay in shape, and two resort-style swimming pools with sundecks so you can work on your tan, and it’s no wonder why some folks want to live at The Legends before seeing a single unit!

View It For Yourself!

A picture says a thousand words, it’s been said once or twice, but the saying holds water when it comes to folks looking for Hickory luxury apartments. Anyone can say have an upscale apartment near Hickory that is worth your time, but we’ll let you judge the difference for yourself.


In 2016, we were voted the Finest of Catawba Valley by the Hickory Daily Record. Sure, we might have a horse in this race, but put our word to the test! Schedule an in-person tour with us to view our luxury Hickory apartments for yourself.

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