apartment pool

When you are in the process of considering an apartment to rent, you are prioritizing and analyzing a lot of different things. What’s the cost and how big is the apartment? What is there to do nearby? Is it pet-friendly? How are the neighbors? Does the landlord seem nice and helpful? 

You have probably asked yourself a number of these questions and plenty of others if you are in the market for a new apartment or rental. And while it’s a bit of a drain and a lot to juggle, figuring out where you want to live is a pretty important decision. You will sleep there, you will eat there, you will park your car there, and with the current pandemic going on, you might even work there as well. When you are considering your next place to move, you try to imagine your lifestyle while you live there. And if you can imagine your lifestyle in a potential place, you usually can appreciate what it has to offer, and you strongly consider what it might be like to live there.

And that’s what Legend Apartments in Hickory aims to do. We are proud of the luxury apartments we offer to our tenants and all of the amazing amenities inside those apartments like bedroom suites, patios and balconies, air conditioning, fireplaces, and all types of kitchen appliances. But we also aim to provide the larger Legends Lifestyle to every tenant, with our wide variety of community amenities. We want every potential renter to imagine their lifestyle at the Legends Apartments, and oftentimes, those who imagine their lifestyle at Legend Apartments like what they see. Keep reading to learn more about the grander amenities that make a Legend lifestyle (and an apartment at Legend Apartments) so great for a potential tenant.

Swimming Pool

From the days of ancient civilization to the modern day, a swimming pool has always been a sign of luxury. And rightfully so, as it offers a refreshing way to cool off, exercise, or just kick back and relax. Living in an apartment and also having a close-by and usable swimming pool isn’t usually very feasible, unless you are living the Legend lifestyle at Legend Apartments. In our location in Hickory, we have two resort-style swimming pools that are open to our community. Our swimming pools are classy and large, with sun-decks for sunbathing, and a large swimming area so you never feel too crowded. When it’s hot, you won’t need to wish for a swimming pool; you can just go right outside your door and enjoy it for yourself.

Fitness Center and Sports Courts

For most of us, getting out and staying active is a necessary part of our lifestyle. We notice it when we can’t go out during the winter, and we get a little stir crazy when we have a nagging injury or ache that stops us from staying active. The Legend lifestyle is here to cater to an active lifestyle, and we have a variety of amenities and options available for you. Our fitness center is state-of-the-art, with all types of machines that can cater to your workout. We also offer a variety of sport courts, including a basketball court, a volleyball court, and two tennis courts. Whatever your sport or method of staying active may be, the amenities we offer with the Legend lifestyle has you covered.

Car Care Center

In modern America, a car is a necessity. The country is massive and business locations, highway and road placements, and even different neighborhoods are often organized based on accessibility by car. If you are looking for an apartment in Hickory, NC, chances are you have a car. And just like anyone with a car, you will eventually need some mechanical work done, even if it’s just an oil change. With Legend Apartments, you won’t even have to leave the complex, as we have two fully staffed car care facilities on-site. Instead of searching and hoping for a good deal on car care, you barely have to go anywhere to get quality car care and customer service; just another amenities offered in the Legend lifestyle.

Business Center

In order to pay for any apartment or amenity, you usually need a job. Whether you have the job of your dreams or a menial job you hate, your paycheck finances most of your life. And with the COVID-19 pandemic that is sweeping the world, more and more people are working from home, and more and more companies are finding out just how effective that can be. But staying in your apartment all day can start to make people go stir-crazy. Not with the Legends lifestyle. We offer a fully equipped business center, a location where you can focus on the work you need to do, in a quiet, comfortable, and WiFi-accessible area. Our business center provides just that, so you can get out of your apartment and have access to an effective work environment and all the work services and connections you need, and only be a couple hundred yards away from your Legend apartment.

Pet-Friendly Apartments

For many pet owners out there, you might have run into this issue before; you find a perfect place that fits all your needs, but, it doesn’t allow pets. While there are some understandable liability reasons for this, it doesn’t change the frustration, nor the fact that you need accommodations for your furry friend. With the Legend lifestyle, you don’t have to accommodate; we work to accommodate your needs. We are a pet-friendly complex who offers pet-friendly apartments in Hickory. Living the Legend lifestyle means having everything you want and need right there, including your dog or cat or gerbil. Our team and our apartments will work diligently to accommodate your pets needs, and provide you with the services and support you need to take care of your pet.

The Legend Lifestyle – Legend Apartments in Hickory 

The best part of your lifestyle is that it’s yours. Some people may comment on it, some people, like your parents, may even want you to change it. But only you know what you want to have access to everyday, and only you know what matters the most to your wants and needs. Legend Apartments in Hickory is here to provide all the necessary amenities that will cater to a variety of lifestyles. The Legend lifestyle isn’t some specific thing you need to follow; it’s a plethora of amazing communal amenities that make your life living in a Legend Apartment well, legendary. See how you can live the Legend Lifestyle at Legend Apartments in Hickory, and call us today.