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Ever felt like your apartment is just too small? Design hacks are here to save the day! Whether you have a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment, these space-saving tricks will make your place look and feel bigger.

Check out these four clever design ideas that you can start using today.

Design vertically

One of the easiest ways to give your small apartment more breathing room is by using every inch of vertical wall space you have available. Adding shelving units and other storage solutions will go a long way in giving the appearance of extra height.

Not only will adding more vertical space create the illusion of height, but it will also give you more storage space and help you keep things off of the floor. This will give you more usable space in your apartment.

Design horizontally

You don’t need to worry about the height of your ceilings! Designing horizontally by using unusual furniture pieces can help give your small apartment more depth. Try adding couches that are long and lean, instead of bulky sofas or other seating options. Or, opt for an oversized ottoman instead of a coffee table.

Incorporating unique furniture pieces will not only add depth to your room from the perspective of design, but it can also help save floor space and make your apartment feel bigger.

Design with mirrors

One of the simplest and most effective ways to make a room feel larger is by using strategically placed mirrors. Rather than hanging them on walls or leaning them against an unused wall, place them in front of objects such as sofas and coffee tables.

This will help give your small apartment more depth while also creating an illusion of additional space. Design with strategically placed mirrors to make your small apartment feel bigger and brighter!

Design with lighting

No, we’re not talking about updating your overhead lights and lamps. Although they certainly help brighten a room and add some design flair, you can also use small accent pieces to achieve brighter results in smaller apartments.

Opt for string lights across the top of walls or furniture that is perpendicular to windows instead of putting them in front of a window.

Designing with lighting will add depth and character to your small apartment while also creating the illusion that the room extends beyond what it actually does!

There are lots of ways to make a small apartment look and feel bigger, but none of them compare to actually having more space.

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