1. 5 Things You Need to Have On Your Luxury Apartment Balcony

    When it comes to a luxury apartment, or your dream apartment with the access and amenities you desire, there is almost always a need for an outdoor space. No matter who you are or how comfortable or furnished your luxury apartment is, there is something truly irreplicable about the crispness of outs…Read More

  2. How You Can Enjoy Apartment Luxury Living For Less

    Whether it's our childhood dreams of a beautiful, luxurious, and expansive home, or certain episodes of the MTV show “Cribs”, most people have imagined a future living space of comfort and splendor for themselves in their future lives. Whether it’s imagining a pool in our backyard, a room with…Read More

  3. apartment pool

    5 Amazing Amenities We Offer With the Legend Lifestyle

    When you are in the process of considering an apartment to rent, you are prioritizing and analyzing a lot of different things. What’s the cost and how big is the apartment? What is there to do nearby? Is it pet-friendly? How are the neighbors? Does the landlord seem nice and helpful?  You have pr…Read More

  4. Apartment Gym Etiquette Tips

    If you’re a gym buff, you are most likely already aware of the common gym etiquette rules, but working out in an apartment fitness facility can be a bit different. Because the space is generally smaller than a commercial gym and there is less equipment, rules are tighter and it’s even more impor…Read More

  5. How to Keep Your Apartment Clean With a Dog

    While Hickory, NC doesn’t experience harsh winters like other areas around the country, there is additional precipitation. And any dog owner will know what that means — walks through puddles, splashing even in the mud, resulting in dirty paws. And dirt never just sticks to the bottom of their pa…Read More

  6. How to Maximize Space in Your Apartment

    Apartments generally have a smaller square footage than single-family homes. Even luxury apartments with three-bedroom layouts can feel tight. And whether you’re living solo or if you have a family of four in your home, finding the necessary storage in an apartment for all of your belongings is a …Read More

  7. 5 Ways to Personalize Your Apartment With Design

    Have you ever gotten a tour of an apartment for rent and the living room is decked out with cool artwork, high-end furniture, and accessories that make it feel nice and homey? Well there’s a reason for that. Apartment complexes want potential residents to see what a unit could look like when there…Read More

  8. 10 Must-Have Amenities For Your Apartment

    Everyone needs a place to call home, whether it’s a one bedroom apartment, a condo, or a single-family home. Wherever you choose to live, there are certain features that make it a great home. Someone in a condo might want an outdoor space, someone who owns a single-family house might want a two- o…Read More

  9. 8 Fireplace Safety Tips

    Even though the weather in Hickory doesn’t get extremely cold like other parts of the country, there’s nothing better than cuddling up in front of a fireplace on a cold, winter night. As we’re entering the coldest months in North Carolina, residents of The Legends luxury apartments may be pili…Read More

  10. Smart Storage Hacks for Your Hickory Apartment

    While it might be true that apartments have less storage than the average home, we believe it is all a matter of perspective. It makes sense that apartments would have fewer closets, cabinets, and other storage areas since they are smaller than homes, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a l…Read More