Spring is finally upon us here in Hickory and that can only mean one thing: it’s time to think about cleaning your apartment for the change of season. Spring cleaning is one of the best ways to prep your place for fresh spring decor and finally bid winter goodbye. Here at The Legends Luxury Apartments, we pride ourselves in offering Hickory apartments that are clean, modern, and spacious. We love offering our residents tips on how to get the most out of their living spaces and today, we’ll review seven essential spring cleaning tasks. Let’s get started!

7 Spring Cleaning Tasks

Declutter First

The first step to completing a proper spring cleaning is to declutter your space. Not only does this make it easier to clean your apartment, but will also clear out space for new belongings that you’ll purchase over the summer. First, start with your linen closets to determine if there are any towels, sheets, or other items that can be donated. Do the same with your medicine cabinet and the closet in your bedroom to see what you can purge. Below is a list of items that most of us hold onto when we don’t need to:

  • Outdated clothing
  • Expired medications
  • College textbooks
  • Old cell phones
  • Old computers
  • Old DVDs
  • Excess art and craft supplies
  • Unused exercise equipment

Thorough Dusting

Once you have decluttered your apartment, you’ll have a clean slate to start your spring cleaning. Dusting is usually one of the easiest (although most dreaded) parts of cleaning, and now is the best time to do a very detailed dusting. We recommend starting on one side of your apartment and moving to the other — this will allow you to keep track of where you have dusted. Be sure to dust shelving, vents, moldings, and light fixtures that normally get skipped in your regular cleaning routine and don’t forget to dust your blinds and ceiling fans.

Deep Clean Bathrooms and Kitchen

You probably clean your bathroom and kitchen on a regular basis to keep your apartment looking its best for visitors. However, when was the last time you gave these areas a good, deep cleaning? If it has been a while, then spring is the perfect time to tackle the tasks that you have been putting off. In the bathroom, that means cleaning the tiles and grout in the shower and in the kitchen, that means cleaning the oven, the drip pans under the burners, and cleaning out the freezer, refrigerator, and pantry.

Clean Off Patio Furniture

Whether you packed away your table and chairs for the winter or you left them out on the deck over the winter, one thing is certain: they will need a good, thorough cleaning before you can use them in the coming months. Wondering how you can do this without a hose? It’s easy! While most commercial cleaners are too abrasive for patio furniture, vinegar- and bleach-based solutions are often enough to do the trick. Pro tip: WD-40 works incredibly well for bringing back color and shine to faded patio furniture. Simply spray it on and wipe it with a clean dry cloth!

Organize Your Paperwork

If you’re like most people, you have some sort of filing system in place so that you can keep your important papers and documents organized and easy to access. If you haven’t sorted through all those documents within the last year or so, you might be surprised at how many of them can be shredded and recycled. For example, you don’t need to keep an auto insurance declarations page from two years ago. As you clean the rest of your apartment, don’t forget to look through your filing cabinet to get rid of what you don’t need.

Swap Out Bedding

Many people use heavier bedding during the winter time to help stay cozy and warm while saving money on your heating bill. Chances are you won’t need heavy bedding during the spring and summer months that are coming up, so now is a great time to swap out your bedding for some that is more seasonally appropriate. Once you take off your winter bedding, be sure to wash it so it is ready to be used again when you need it. Now is also a great time to swap out and wash window curtains and shower curtains for ones that make your place feel more bright and airy.

Consider Hiring a Professional

If all of this talk about spring cleaning has you breaking a sweat before you even pick up a rag, why not consider hiring a professional apartment cleaner to help you out? There are many reputable cleaning companies here in town and many of them have years of experience cleaning Hickory apartments. Hiring a professional cleaner can save you the time and hassle of cleaning on your own, allowing you to enjoy a spotless apartment without having to lift a finger. Need some referrals? Contact our front office!

Clean, Modern Hickory Apartments

When it comes to providing local residents with the cleanest and most modern Hickory apartments, no other community can come close to competing with The Legends. Giving your apartment a thorough cleaning a couple of times of year is always a great idea not only for appearances, but also for your comfort. If you have questions about how to best clean any of the surfaces in your apartment, or if you are interested in having the carpets cleaned, swing by the front office to talk with a friendly member of our staff. We’d love to help you enjoy your Hickory apartment as much as possible. Talk to you soon!