No matter what type of apartment you live in, you will always create a bit of a mess. Whether it’s splatters on the floor from cooking, pet hair stuck deep in the carpet, or even just an accumulation of dust on surfaces, any apartment that is truly lived in over a period of time will certainly show signs of it. Some folks take pride and joy in cleaning their apartments in keeping it clean, while other folks absolutely dread the task and procrastinate it at all costs.

However, it’s hard to argue against the idea that a clean apartment is better for living in. If your apartment is clean and tidy, living in it feels cleaner, safer, and gives you a space that feels more inviting and comfortable. You have more space and surface area to place things and decorate, and you can be proud of inviting people over to your abode. But getting your apartment to that clean and comfortable state is much easier said than done. And keeping it that clean is even harder. Anyone who has lived in an apartment knows this struggle, even if you live at the beautiful and extensive apartments that we rent out at The Legends Apartments in Hickory. But it doesn’t have to be that hard. Keep reading to learn a few tips on how to clean your apartment, and maintain that level of cleanliness no matter what type of apartment you live in.

First Things First: Declutter!

This might sound like an obvious first step, but many times, we can start our cleaning process without realizing how much stuff we have just lying around everywhere. When you start to deep clean your apartment, you want everything as clear and as possible so you can start really cleaning the surfaces and potential dust or grime that is on the surfaces. This clutter could be anything, from clothes to dirty dishes to personal items that have a specific place in your room or somewhere else in the house. By ensuring that all this clutter is either put away or thrown out or taken to the place it needs to go, you give yourself a clean “canvas” to start your deep cleaning escapade! 

Clean Non-Floor Surfaces

Now that all the surfaces in your apartment are decluttered, you can start on the real cleaning process of cleaning these surfaces! For the most part, you will want to leave the floor and/or carpet cleaning until later, as cleaning many of these surfaces can drop dust or other debris onto the floor, and you don’t want to clean the floor twice! Even if you maintain a clean apartment, chances are, most of your surfaces like countertops, tables, shelves, and other flat surfaces will still have a layer of dust, so you will want to start by removing all of the decor and items that are on the surfaces, and then dusting them with a duster or wet rag. After that, you can utilize a cleaning solution to wipe down the surface after for a deeper clean. The type of cleaning solution you use will depend on the material of the surface (e.g. wood cleaner for wooden surfaces). After those surfaces are dusted and cleaned, you can replace all of the decorations or items that you moved.

Sweep or Vacuum

Once you have cleaned all of the surfaces in your apartment, the next step is cleaning the floor! The way you approach this will depend on the type of floor in your apartment, whether it’s wooden flooring or carpeted. For those with carpeted apartment floors, a vacuum cleaner is a must have, as it’s quite difficult to to get all of the dust, hair, and debris that gets stuck deeper in your carpet without a vacuum cleaner. If you have a hardwood floor or other type of flat flooring, you will want to clean this in two steps. First, give the flooring a good sweep with a broom and ensure that all the dust, hair, and debris that sits on top of the flooring is swept up in a dust pan. Next, you will want to wipe down that surface with a cleaner, depending on the type of surface your flooring is. This can be done with a wet mop or a rag, and will ensure that your flooring is not only debris-free, but shiny clean too!

Have Fun With It!

In the end, cleaning your apartment is a chore. Whether it’s something you don’t mind doing or something you dread doing, it’s a responsibility in the end of the day, and you eventually have to do it whether you want to or not. So why not have fun with it? You can either set yourself up with a reward for afterwards, or make the actual tasks a bit more fun. Set yourself up to have a relaxing activity you want to do after you are done cleaning, like a movie on your couch or a new video game you have been waiting to play. Turn on your stereo or put in your headphones and jam to your favorite tunes while you are busy cleaning. Make yourself a drink and make your apartment deep cleaning time a happy hour! The possibilities are endless, and cleaning doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore; it can be as fun as you make it!

Quality Apartments in Hickory – The Legends Apartments

Even the cleanest of us out there can still make our apartment look pretty dirty after a while. And as much as we may not want to, cleaning our apartment is a pretty necessary chore we have to perform on a consistent basis. Luckily, The Legends Apartments has a wide selection of high end apartments that you will want to keep clean. And with the tips laid out in this blog, giving your apartment the deep clean it needs will be just that easier. Contact us at The Legends Apartments today to get started on your dream (and clean) apartment in Hickory!