Welcome to the final piece of this series highlighting some fun things to do in and around Hickory, NC. We at The Legends Apartments of Hickory are big fans of people moving to our lovely community just northwest of Charlotte, seeing as how we operate a luxury apartment complex that’s just a short drive from both downtown Hickory and the freeway. Though we clearly have a horse in this race, making us a biased party with no mistake, we’ll admit that there is plenty to like about the prospect of moving to Hickory, irrespective of if you choose to move into the most prestigious apartment complex in the city or not!

Apartments Near Hickory

Speaking of luxury apartments near Hickory, NC, we can’t manage to go an entire blog post without describing some of our favorite aspects of life at The Legends. Whether you are looking for two bedroom apartments, 3 bedroom apartments, or are flying solo, we believe there is one place for rent in Hickory that sets itself apart from the rest.

With spacious bedroom suites, vaulted ceilings, crown molding, oversized patios and balconies, fireplaces in select apartment homes, and spectacular views to go along with our pristine landscaping, most residents are perfectly content spending the vast majority of their first few months at The Legends in the comfort of their home.

We are telling you, they are classy. They are luxurious. They are pristine. Take a virtual tour right here to see our units for yourself!

In terms of community amenities, we offer a state-of-the-art fitness center, two tennis courts, two resort-style pools with sundecks, a business center, two car-care centers, gas grills, garages, on-site laundry, a basketball court, a volleyball court, a pet-welcoming environment, and a cherry on top! If in-person tours are more your style, don’t hesitate to contact us in order to schedule a tour at your convenience.

Hickory Activities And Community Information

In our last post, we may have gotten slightly carried away describing the many benefits of living at The Legends, to the extent that we weren’t able to fully describe what our region has to offer. We don’t want to make the same mistake twice, so, without further ado, read on if you are interested in finding out what makes Hickory one of the top places to live, according to Readers Digest!

The Hunger Games Was Filmed In Hickory

While Hickory is known as an up-and-coming city for young professionals and families alike, there’s a decent chance we might be seeing a borderline weird amount of The Hunger Games fanatics call Hickory home. Why? The blockbuster fantasy series The Hunger Games was filmed right here in Hickory. In fact, a decent number of Hickory residents were asked to be extras, or even actors in some cases, albeit in background roles. Some of the set pieces are still erect and able to be observed by fans who come from all over. So if you identify as being obsessed with The Hunger Games, Hickory just might be the North Carolina city for you.

A Massive Movie Theater

Those who were lucky enough to find themselves chosen to play extras in the movie series were likely pleased to find out that the very first film to be shown by Carmike’s BigD screen was in fact The Hunger Games itself! Carmike 15 BigD happens to be one of the biggest movie theaters in the entire state of North Carolina, with close to 600 high-back rocking luxury seats to boot. As you can probably already tell, we’ve been accused of being luxury-enthusiasts here at The Legends Apartments, so we are particularly fond of the seats, 70 speakers, and pure, digital projection. What’s more, there are only 30 cities in the entire nation with a BigD screen, and we’ve got one of them in Hickory!

Lenoir-Rhyne University

The Hickory-based Lenoir-Rhyne University is an esteemed liberal arts school that opened all the way back in 1891. The one-room school, which at the time was called Highland Academy, opened its doors to a whopping 12 students! Fast-forward to the present day, and you’ll find that the University with a rich tradition prides itself as a community of learning which seeks to educate the “wholeness of personality, true vocation, and the most useful service to God and the world,” as told on their dedicated site. For prospective students of Lenoir-Rhyne University, keep in mind that The Legends Apartments are just a ten-minute drive from the university. If you are looking for a little distance from campus that involves elegant living, we believe our Hickory luxury apartments for rent are worth considering.

A Blossoming Corporate Scene

The greater Hickory area plays host to some headquarters and corporate facilities for some notable organizations. From Google to Apple to Bed, Bath & Beyond, many folks who work at companies like these call The Legends their home. We are just a short drive away from the freeway (and downtown Hickory), so it’s an attractive place to call home no matter which way you cut it!

Additionally, Transportation Insight, an organization with an expertise in logistics, chose to make Hickory the site of its headquarters in 2014. Their reasons for doing so? The recent rejuvenation that our downtown has experienced. Quality of life matters to employees, and Transportation Insight was wise enough to factor in that variable, which led them to make a great decision in our humble opinion!

Beer Festivals In Hickory

Speaking of downtown Hickory, locals get to enjoy two beer festivals each year — Oktoberfest, a three-day outdoor festival with live music, carnival-style rides and games, along with craft vendors, and the Hickory Hops Brewer’s Festival, which boasts more than 50 microbreweries and their accompanying selections! Oktoberfest is great for the whole family, while we’ve heard of microbrewery aficionados traveling a fair distance to attend the Hickory Hops Brewer’s Festival! Whichever you prefer, both help make Hickory a great place to visit and an even better place to make home.

If you are looking for apartments near Hickory, NC, there’s one place that combines luxury with value. Schedule your tour at The Legends today.