When it comes to an enjoyable living experience in an apartment, it can be hard to find the right set up that fulfills all of your needs, as well as gives you enough space. Sometimes an apartment is the most affordable option, and while it may be small and not very lavish, you are getting a good deal on a functional living space. But for those who are less in the market for the cheapest option, and more seeking out a stylish and spacious apartment that fulfills their needs, a basic apartment will most likely lack the additional space and amenities you want to spend your money on. However, buying a house is an entirely different thing, both logistically and financially, and many people aren’t necessarily looking to purchase a house either. So how can you find the simplicity and affordability of an apartment, but with a lavish space and amenities to fulfill your needs?

That’s where the resort-style apartments from The Legends Apartments in Hickory come in. A resort-style apartment like the ones we offer at The Legends Apartments combines the best of both worlds in terms of apartment affordability and simplicity and lavish living and amenities. The apartments are luxurious, bringing to mind the idea of a resort hotel room, but still small enough to not break your budget. And with access to a wide variety of amenities and services, you can experience the lavish lifestyle that comes with a resort in the comfort of your own personalized and paid-for apartment. Keep reading to learn more about the resort-style apartments that we offer to folks in the Hickory area at The Legends Apartments, and how the quality and characteristics of our resort-style apartments can serve your exact needs.


If you are financially stable and in the market for a new living space, chances are you are probably looking for a bit more space than your last place. Whether it’s for a growing family, lots of stuff you have, or simply because you have the financial capital to splurge a bit more, space and square footage of a living space is an important thing to consider. Luckily, with resort-style apartments like the ones we offer at The Legends, you are getting the spaciousness that you would find at any resort-style hotel room, but as an apartment that is personalized and lived in by you. And with 9-foot vaulted ceilings, the resort-style apartments that we offer at The Legends Apartments will give you the square footage and the vertical space that you need for whatever reason. Get the extra space you deserve with your money, from a high-quality resort style apartment.


The modernity of an apartment is usually not a critical aspect of your decision making, but if you are looking for an upgrade on your previous place or simply looking to enjoy a more lavish living style, the modernity of your apartment is crucial to consider. Whether it was during college or another period, many of us have lived in an older apartment or living space before. While the quality of the living space can vary, the age and appearance of a less modern living space can wear on you over time. Whether it’s creaky floors, old wallpaper, leaks and drips, poor water pressure, or another concern, older-looking apartments often come with older issues. A modern resort-style apartment is the opposite, as not only will it look modern with modern construction, but it will feel modern, with reliable appliances, outlets, piping, and design.

More Expensive, Yet Affordable

A resort-style apartment is not for everybody; while you might be avoiding the massive investment and logistical workload of purchasing a home, you are still looking for an upgrade on a basic apartment, both in terms of size and amenities, and the cost of a resort-style apartment is certainly much higher than your typical apartment. But when you pay a bit more for a resort-style apartment, you are paying more for more of everything: more space, more modern construction, more access to amenities and services, and more enjoyment. Affording a resort-style apartment does require a bit of savings and financial stability, but the extra money will be put to good use for your life, and even for the nicest resort-style apartments that we offer at The Legends Apartments in Hickory, we pride ourselves on making them affordable to you. 

Amenities For Life

A massive benefit of resort-style apartments are the amenities for your daily life, habits, and lifestyle. A big drawback for many apartment living spaces is the lack of space or resources for everyday items and appliances that you rely on in a home, like a washing machine or space for a treadmill or a garage, or even just a quiet office space to work from home. At a resort style-apartment like the ones we offer at The Legends Apartments, you can have access to all the amenities you need to maintain the responsibilities in your life. With a state-of-the-art fitness center, on-site laundry facilities, a business center with high-speed Wi-Fi, a secure garage space, and more, our resort-style apartments give you the amenities you will need on a daily basis.

Amenities For Fun

As important as amenities for your daily life are, a resort-style apartment complex like The Legends Apartments can also offer the amenities you need for enjoyment, recreation, and just a bit of fun. Oftentimes, we rate the quality of our current living space based off of the proximity to certain recreational spaces that we like to use like basketball and volleyball courts, swimming pools, dog parks, and more. At a resort-style apartment complex like The Legends Apartments, you can have close-proximity access to a wide variety of these types of recreational amenities, from a basketball court and volleyball court, to two tennis courts and two resort-style swimming pools with sundecks, getting consistent access to the things that let you have fun. At a resort-style apartment, you can even pretend that you are at a resort, but then you can remember that you actually live there too!

Resort-Style Apartments in Hickory – The Legends Apartments  

As you can see, there are a wide variety of benefits to your life that a resort-style apartment can provide. While it may be more expensive than an average apartment, a resort-style apartment is not anywhere near as expensive as a house, and you still get space, modern construction, amenities, and really anything else you could possibly need from it. See how the resort-style apartments that we offer at The Legends Apartments in Hickory could change your life for the better and contact us today to get started!