When it comes to a luxury apartment, or your dream apartment with the access and amenities you desire, there is almost always a need for an outdoor space. No matter who you are or how comfortable or furnished your luxury apartment is, there is something truly irreplicable about the crispness of outside air, the warmth of sunlight on your body, and the vast echo of noises and silence of the outdoors. It’s pretty easy to access these things In any living situation, although for something like a luxury apartment, you might have to go down a few sets of stairs or through some hallways to get there.

But some apartment complexes understand the more immediate need and desire for outside access. The Legends Apartments in Hickory is proud to understand that, which is why all of our luxury apartments have a balcony or patio, providing immediate access to the outdoors straight from your home. But even with a luxury apartment balcony or patio, it’s only a space, a space that might require some furnishings and decorations in order to truly get the most out of it. There are plenty of things you can outfit your luxury apartment balcony with, but a few things stand out above the rest in terms of functionality, aesthetic, and ambiance. Keep reading to get a sense of just a few of those things, and how The Legends Apartments in Hickory has the luxury apartment balcony you’re looking for. 



Comfortable Chairs

Being in the fresh air and sunlight of the outdoors is a wonderful experience, but a big part of comfortably enjoying that experience is being able to lounge in the outdoor experience in comfort. Just like a lawn chair you would put out in your front yard, you need a comfortable place to sit down and relax on your luxury apartment balcony. A set of comfortable chairs can provide this space to relax quite easily, and there are a wide variety of styles and chair setups out there, so you can personalize your balcony and relaxation spot the way you want. Whether it’s a longer lounge chair with a footrest, or simple upright chairs with padding on the seat,  finding the right style of chair to fit your comfort needs is important 

Small Table

If you have a set of comfortable chairs, and you plan on spending a fair amount of time on your luxury apartment balcony, then chances are you will need a small table to go with it. Whether it’s for a book, a cocktail, your feet, or even a small meal,  you will always find a use or a need for a small table on your luxury apartment balcony. It will improve the overall furnished look of your balcony, as well as providing a message sary functional piece of furniture that you will use almost every time you are out there. It might even be worth getting two small tables, maybe one next to your lounging chair, and then another one to set a plant on or another piece of decoration. It’s really up to you and how you think you will utilize the balcony space. 


For many folks out there, you probably either have a variety of plants that you take care of on a consistent basis, or you probably have serious doubts about your own green thumb and your ability to take care of plants. Regardless of your plant passion, it’s hard to argue that some plants don’t belong on a luxury apartment balcony. Not only does it give the plant better natural access to sunlight and potentially water, it’s often a critical piece of aesthetic, adding a natural and luscious greenery to an otherwise drab balcony space. And with all the types of plants out there, even those with doubts about their gardening ability can find the right plant type that is both easy and fulfilling to take care of, as well as a wonderful decoration to keep on your luxury apartment balcony.


For any space in any location, lighting is critical to the ambiance and overall environmental experience of the space. It’s why lighting fixtures are installed where they are, in the way they are, and it’s why homes often have a number of windows that allow natural light in during the day. For your luxury apartment balcony space, you are no doubt getting natural light illuminating the area during the day, but during the evening, you still might want to use the space and have the ambient light to go along with it. Outfitting your apartment balcony space with lighting can provide you with the evening ambience you want. Whether it’s a string of Christmas lights or hanging lanterns, you can find the type of lighting that fits your needs, and gives you the evening access you would like out of your luxury apartment balcony.

Outdoor Rug

Another great type of furnishing/decoration you can implement to a luxury apartment balcony space is an outdoor rug. Depending on the design and the type of material your balcony floor is made out of, it might get cold very easily or not look very good, or a combination of both. An outdoor rug that can withstand basic exposure to the elements can offer you an incredible way to furnish the space, while making your experience on your apartment balcony more comfortable and cozy. Find the material, design, and color pattern that fits your luxury apartment balcony ambience, and enjoy the feeling of fabric on your bare feet, as well as the aesthetic pièce de résistance for your luxury apartment balcony furnishing. 

Luxury Apartment Balcony in Hickory – The Legends Apartments

When it comes to your luxury apartment at The Legends Apartments in Hickory, the apartment balcony is just another incredible amenity and design feature that makes you feel comfortable at home. With the right pieces of furniture and decoration, your luxury apartment balcony can be the hangout spot in the outdoors you have been looking for. Contact us today and see how  an apartment at The Legends Apartments can change your life.