If you’re a gym buff, you are most likely already aware of the common gym etiquette rules, but working out in an apartment fitness facility can be a bit different. Because the space is generally smaller than a commercial gym and there is less equipment, rules are tighter and it’s even more important to follow them.

At The Legends Apartments, our spacious gym offers a range of must-have equipment that will ensure you get in a great workout. We carry high-quality, reliable equipment that is well taken care of by our staff. The space is also regularly cleaned to ensure that you can enjoy the space without worrying about germs. If you’re looking for a luxury apartment in Hickory, NC with high-end amenities, schedule a tour with us today!

Don’t Go Sick

If you’re feeling under the weather, it’s generally best to avoid people entirely to prevent spreading germs. If you’re experiencing cold-like symptoms, mild to moderate exercise is OK, but it’s best to keep it simple with exercises that you can do in your own apartment, such as weight lifting or lunges. If you’re experiencing flu-like symptoms like fever or coughing, you may want to avoid exercise altogether until you’re feeling better.

Keep it Clean

There are many ways to keep a gym space clean so that you and everyone else can enjoy it as much as possible.

  • First, keep the equipment itself clean. When you’re done using a piece of equipment, whether it’s a treadmill, elliptical, or weight machines, use a disinfectant spray and a towel to wipe it down. The staff at The Legends apartments will keep a supply of cleaning products in the gym. This will reduce the spread of germs and will clean away any sweat. This will ensure that the equipment is maintained, but also provides a clean machine for the next person who uses it.
  • Second, keep the overall gym space clean. If you use a paper towel to wipe down a machine, throw it out in a trash can. If you’re using free weights, be sure to place them back on the rack when you’re done. If you bring your own equipment, towels, or jackets, make sure to take everything with you when you leave.

Keeping the equipment and the space clean will make it more enjoyable for you to use it, and will ensure that your neighbors can expect a clean space during their next workout.

Be Mindful of Music

We all have our favorite tunes to listen to when we’re working out, but not everyone shares each other’s taste in music. There may be times when you’re the only one in the gym and can play music from a speaker, and that’s great! But when someone else enters the gym and wants to listen to their music, it’s best to turn yours off and switch to headphones.

The facility at The Legends apartments has TVs as well. A good rule of thumb is that the first person in the gym can choose what they want to watch. When someone else enters, you can always ask if they’d like to watch something else. Keep in mind that if you aren’t actively watching the TV, it is OK for someone else to change the station. However, if you are the second person to enter the gym when the TV is already on, you may want to consider asking if it’s OK to change the station.

Respect Personal Space

When possible, leave some space in between other people and yourself. This isn’t always possible in an apartment gym with limited numbers of machines, but ideally, there should be an open treadmill in between yourself and someone else. This will ensure that no one feels uncomfortable or that their personal space is being invaded.

Don’t Be an Equipment Hog

If you have been using a machine for about 30 minutes and there are other people who are visibly waiting for the machine, it’s time to get off. Obviously if there are available treadmills or if you’re the only one in the gym, then you can use it as long as you’d like. But when it’s clear that the gym is filling up and people are waiting for machines, if you have been there for 30 minutes or more, let someone else take over.

The most important gym etiquette rules are to keep the space and equipment clean, and to respect other people that are also using the space. Remember that at an apartment gym, you’re exercising next to your neighbor, so don’t be afraid to be friendly, just keep it respectful.

If you’re looking for a luxury apartment in Hickory, schedule a tour at The Legends Apartments today!