There are many reasons why you might find yourself searching for a new place to live. If you are looking for an incredible apartment community to downsize to, look no further than The Legends Apartments. Our luxury rentals in Hickory are ideal for those who want to enjoy the convenience of an apartment home with all the amenities of a high-end community, offering those who are downsizing with affordable living that checks all the right boxes. Check out our spacious floor plans and request a tour! In the meantime, let’s take a look at a few downsizing tips that can help streamline your transition to a smaller home.

6 Tips for Downsizing

Don’t Procrastinate

Downsizing seems simple enough when you first consider it. After all, how hard can it possibly be to get rid of a few things here and there to make your move to a smaller home easier? While there is nothing wrong with this laid-back thought process, it can lead to many homeowners putting off the hard work of reflecting on their belongings and being honest with themselves. Paring down your belongings can be much more time-consuming than you think, and you might be surprised how hard it is to let go of certain items. Avoid procrastinating if you can to steer clear of feeling a sense of urgency as your move date gets closer.

Take Inventory of What You Have

Many people don’t really realize how much stuff they have until they actually begin going through all of their belongings. Trying to tackle your whole house at once can be very overwhelming, especially if you have several large collections. To make it less overwhelming, try working through one room at a time and plan for a week per room, if possible. This allows you to take your time sorting through your belongings and makes it easier to plan ahead. For example, if you have six rooms you need to go through, you know you need to start downsizing at least 6 weeks before your move date.

Compare Spaces

Comparing your current living space with your new, smaller living space is one of the best ways to determine which items you can bring with you when you move. This allows you to get a good idea of exactly how much storage space you will have in your new home, and that can go a long way in making your downsizing process as easy as possible. When you are taking a tour of our luxury rentals in Hickory, feel free to scope out the kitchen and bathroom to see how many cabinets there are, and check out the closets to get an idea of how big they are. You might even want to take notes so you can compare your new space to your old.

Minimize Duplicates

As you begin the process of going through your belongings, it can be hard to decide which items to part ways with and which items to keep. First, determine if you have any duplicates of items that you can get rid of. This is especially helpful in the kitchen — do you really need three different types of potato peelers, five different spatulas, or multiple sets of glassware and silverware? The same goes for your pantry and spice cabinet. Getting rid of duplicate spices and expired dry goods can really make a difference when you get ready to pack up all of your kitchen belongings.

Take Measurements

It is always a good idea to measure the furniture you currently have in your home to determine if it will fit in your new downsized space. Our apartments in Hickory are spacious, but they may not accommodate your four-poster bed or your 10-seater sectional sofa. We are happy to let you take measurements in our luxury rentals to help you best decide which pieces of your favorite furniture can make the journey to your new home. In lieu of taking measurements, some individuals opt to bring in paper cut-outs that are the same shape and size as the footprint of their furniture to see how it will fit, and we think this is a great idea!

Be Realistic

Finally, as you prepare to make the move from one home to the next, it is important to be realistic. You might have items that you want to bring with you that just don’t make sense to move. For example, you might plan on using your treadmill or elliptical to get in shape someday, but if that day hasn’t happened for the last couple of years, odds are it might not happen in the near future. Besides, you don’t need to take up any space in your apartment with bulky exercise equipment when you have a state-of-the-art fitness center available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Check Out Our Luxury Rentals in Hickory

Ready to make the leap and move into a smaller space? When you choose The Legends luxury rentals in Hickory, living in a smaller home doesn’t have to mean compromising on amenities, and we would love to speak with you about your housing needs. We have several floor plans to choose from, including simple 1-bedroom apartments to spacious 3-bedroom, 2-bath apartments with nearly 1,400 square feet of living space. Our community is just minutes away from I-40 and downtown Hickory, offering a little something for everyone who lives here. Check out our award-winning apartments in Hickory today or fill out an application online now!