Apartments generally have a smaller square footage than single-family homes. Even luxury apartments with three-bedroom layouts can feel tight. And whether you’re living solo or if you have a family of four in your home, finding the necessary storage in an apartment for all of your belongings is a challenge to say the least.

At Legends Apartments in Hickory, NC, our luxury apartments are unique! Our one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments all feature walk-in closets and plenty of storage space. Our bedrooms are spacious, and the open-concept kitchen, living room, and dining room area creates a large space for entertaining, family living, or other activities. Enjoy the benefits of living in a luxury apartment that doesn’t feel like an apartment!

If you do have extra belongings and storage needs, here are a few tips to keep your home looking its best.

Hideaway Storage

Don’t worry about having to go out and buy furniture that’s capable of hiding things inside the unit. There are various places to “hide” storage boxes or baskets utilizing existing furniture and the apartment’s space. Under the bed, under the coffee table in the living room, above the cabinets in the kitchen, or if it’s possible, an ottoman with a removable top that will serve multiple purposes. The key is to use boxes or baskets that match your existing decor so that it doesn’t feel like storage. A cute wicker or woven basket or colorful box will add to your apartment’s look, not take away from it.

Hang Items

Floor space is quickly taken up with furniture and there needs to be room for walking, of course. So when floor space is limited, look to the walls! The Legends Apartments is super close to various shopping and grocery stores, so if you have a bike you get around on but can’t find anywhere to put it, a hanging rack in the entryway is a great solution.

In the kitchen, a hanging fruit basket is a great way to clear up counter space as well! You can also use kitchen wall space for pots, pans, and towels. Just keep in mind that if you put any holes in the wall, that you’ll have to make repairs before you move out. But while you’re making the apartment your home, utilizing wall space as storage is cute and effective.


Another way to utilize wall space, but without having to worry about putting holes in the walls, is bookshelves! There are hundreds of different shapes, sizes, and designs of bookshelves that it’s easy to keep things interesting and adds extra space for tons of different items — not just books! Depending on the size of the shelf and the spaces in it, you can place additional boxes or baskets, or create a cute display of items. Bookshelves are a great option for any room in your apartment as well, making storage a cinch.

Utilize Door Space

If you’re the type of person who couldn’t count on both hands the number of shoes you own, you need a hanging shoe rack on the back of your closet door. They are easy to install (some styles simply hang over the top of the door) and can hold dozens of shoes. This clears up valuable floor space and even makes it easier to see all of your beautiful shoes.

Hanging shoe racks don’t always have to be used for shoes, either. These storage solutions are a great addition to the backs of medicine cabinets in the bathroom. Make more drawer space in the bathroom by storing various first-aid kit supplies, makeup, bottles of lotion, containers of small items, and much more.

In the kitchen, an interior cabinet door is a perfect spot for a hanging spice rack. They also come in several sizes, shapes, and designs and are easy to install. If you love to cook up flavorful meals, spices can take up a significant amount of cabinet space, so utilizing a hanging spice rack is the way to go.

Rethink How You Fold

Just like shoes, if you have a closet full of clothes, you need as much space as you can get. To free up space in dresser drawers, instead of folding pants into thirds and laying them horizontally, fold them over once more and place them vertically. So rather than piling pants from top to bottom, store them from front to back in the drawer. You’ll easily fit three, four, or even five more pairs in the same space.

If you still need more drawer space, rolling shirts, sweaters, and pants is a great solution as well. Rolling clothes takes up less space, allowing you to fit more clothes, and there won’t be a crease in the clothes! Time for a shopping spree?

Finding the necessary storage in a tight space is truly a game of Tetris, but with the right tricks, some cute boxes, and innovative storage solutions, you can make it happen! The trick is to have fun with your apartment and remember to always stay true to your personal style and design.

The Legends Apartments, located in Hickory, NC, is proud to offer our residents spacious, luxury apartments with plenty of storage space. Our apartment complex also features a variety of high-end amenities to make apartment living easy. On The Legends grounds, one of our most sought-after amenities is our garages. They are perfect for your vehicle or can be used to store larger items that simply won’t fit in your apartment, such as sports equipment.

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