For those of us with furry friends in our lives, there is a lot of responsibility that comes with owning and enjoying the presence of a dog or cat or other type of pet. Dogs in particular are animals that require a lot of attention, exercise, energy, and time in order to give them an enjoyable and fulfilling life. For the dog owners out there, a big part of determining where you want to live depends on whether they allow pets, and how outdoor access and pet amenities are in the surrounding area. This might not be the case for everybody, but for many dog owners, their living space simply needs to do the best possible to accommodate their furry dog friend.

But what about folks who live in apartments? There are plenty of dog owners who live in apartments, but many of them will tell you how annoying and oftentimes un-accommodating an apartment living situation is for taking care of their pop. They might have to walk down flights of stairs for every walk or bathroom break, or be extremely mindful of neighbors who can hear barking through the wall, or simply just having to be cooped up in a small space with a dog who would like to run and play. It can be a major hassle for people who are trying to find an affordable place to live, as well as accommodations for their dog. But what if there is an apartment complex that not only made it easier to live with your dog, but actually accommodated you and your furry friend? That’s where the Legends Apartment complex in Hickory comes in. We understand how important your dog and their lifestyle is to you, and we are proud of how pet-friendly our apartments and apartment complex is. Keep reading to hear a few more tips of how to take care of your dog in an apartment, or contact us today to see how much easier it can be in a Legends Apartment! 

Establish a Routine

As many dog owners already know, an established routine provides your dog with some consistency and reliability for important events everyday like feeding, walking, and play time. This is especially important for people living in an apartment with their dog, as these events are not as common or easy. With the time they will spend cramped up in your apartment, they will be a lot less anxious during down time when they know what to expect during the day (e.g. they won’t be begging to go out if they know they get a walk once you get off work). Establishing a routine and following it everyday will provide your dog (and you) with some stability that will make apartment life easier for both of you.

Emphasize Exercise and Play

This is an obvious one for any dog and dog owner, but it is especially important for dogs living in an apartment. There is probably no yard to let them roam around in, and you might have to go down a set or two of stairs to get outside, which can get old real fast. That’s why you need to take advantage of the times you are outside with them and try to get them exercising as much as possible. This could involve taking them on runs in the area, driving them to a local dog park to get their energy out, or even just playing with them for a solid amount of time everyday inside everyday.  Luckily, at the Legends Apartments in Hickory, we have a very large complex which gives you plenty of space to roam around with your dog and give them the energy outlet and exercise they need everyday.

Utilize the Balcony

Not all apartments have balconies (the ones at Legends Apartments do, though), so this might not apply to everyone. But for dog owners who have balconies that aren’t too high up, the balcony can actually be a great way for your dog to get the outdoor experiences they want or need during the day. Whether it’s for balconies that get alot of sun and dogs who like sunbathing, or smaller dogs who can use “litter boxes” that simulate grass for dogs to go to the bathroom on, a balcony can offer some outdoor versatility for your dog to enjoy during the day.  Hanging out on a balcony can’t substitute a walk or other energy burning exercises during the day, but it’s a good supplemental way to support your dog’s needed lifestyle.

Consider Help

Some people might not want to even consider using help to take care of their dog, but there is no shame in it, and it can actually be quite helpful. This is especially the case for individuals who have a busy work schedule and might need to leave their dog inside their apartment all day. Professional dog walkers and dog sitters can offer a very much-needed relief sometimes, as their job descriptions means they can help overcome many of the annoyances of living with a dog in an apartment. If you are living with your dog in a Legends Apartment in Hickory, most of those annoyances won’t exist like they usually do in a typical apartment complex, but it’s always worth considering.

Be Patient

This one might seem a little obvious or impossible, but it’s part of owning a dog when you move into a new apartment. A new apartment usually comes with a lot of new stimuli like noises, smells, and sights that can either excite or anguish a dog trying to gather their surroundings.  Being patient doesn’t imply sitting back and hoping for the best; it more involves understanding the adjustment period that any dog (or human for that matter) would undergo in a new situation like that. It involves desensitizing your dog  to some of these new experiences over time, by letting them explore and engage with these new stimuli early on. It’s not a catch-all practice, just another way to improve your dog’s experience living in your apartment.

Pet Friendly Apartments in Hickory – The Legend Apartments

As you can see, living with a dog in an apartment is not easy, and taking care of your dog effectively in an apartment is even harder. But when you have an apartment at the Legend Apartments in Hickory, some of these issues aren’t so imposing or inconvenient. We take pride in how pet-friendly our apartment complex is, so contact us today and see how our apartments can serve you, and your furry friend.